Coracles Health and Country Club
Coracles Health and Country Club
Coracles Health and Country Club

Conditions of membership

1. “The Leisure Club” shall be operated by Cenarth Falls Holiday Park, Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion, SA38 9JS, to be administered by the Owner or Manager of the Holiday Park or by such other person or persons as the Park Owner (hereinafter called the Owner) shall nominate.

2. Persons wishing to become members of the Club must complete an official application (and health questionnaire for Full and Gym memberships) as shall be determined by the owner from time to time. Membership for children under the age of sixteen is only applicable in conjunction with an adult membership.

3. On acceptance of an application, the applicant will receive a membership card which will remain the property of the Owner, and upon termination of membership, for whatever reason, will be returnable to the Owner.

4. Membership is non-transferable.

5. Membership cards are issued to all members. You must present your card each time you visit. Lost cards must be reported to the Leisure Club.

6. In the event of a member not using the facilities for whatever reason, all fees are non-returnable after purchasing a membership.

7. The Owner or Manager acting on his/her behalf reserves the right to reject any applications for membership without giving any reasons for so doing. In such cases, any monies will be refunded immediately.

8. The Owner or Manager reserve the right to refuse renewal of membership, and will not be obliged to give any reason for his/her decision.

9. Any person using the leisure facilities must sign in at the Club reception desk on each occasion they visit the Club. Members must produce their membership card.

10. During peak periods use of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi may be limited to accommodate as capacity allows.

11.In the case of Full and Gym memberships, the fees include fitness suite induction. Any other fitness suite inductions will be charged at the rate applicable at the time.

12. Opening times are advertised as shown at reception, although the Owner reserves the right to close all or any part of the facility for essential maintenance or for any other good reason.

13. All prices include VAT @ 20% and are subject to change in the event of any alteration to the rate of tax.

14. (a) For safety reasons, children under the age of 14 are allowed in the Swimming Pool only and      must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the pool. If for any reason, the adult has to vacate the pool, the child must also vacate the pool and be kept under supervision.

(b) 14 – 15 year old children are allowed use of all facilities but must be supervised and accompanied by a paying adult when using the Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness, Sauna and  Steam Rooms.

(c) 16 years and above may use all facilities according to the membership type purchased.

15. Payment for use of the Swimming Pool includes free use of the Jacuzzi except in the case of children under the age of 14 who are allowed to use the Swimming Pool only.

16. Family membership consists of 2 adults and 2 children to age 18.

17. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised and accompanied in the Leisure Club by a paying adult who will be responsible for their conduct, it being recognised that the Owner or Manager shall take no responsibility on their behalf. No running, jumping or diving in the pool area is allowed.

18. For reasons of hygiene, it is necessary for all persons to shower before using the Swimming Pool and to shower before and after the use of the Sauna, Steam Room and Jacuzzi.

19. Musical equipment, inflatable toys, snorkelling equipment and any article which the Owner or Manager in his/her sole discretion considers detrimental to the enjoyment of other members are not allowed within the Bar, Swimming Pool or Leisure area.

20. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any area of the Leisure Club.

21. No pets are allowed in the Leisure or bar areas of Coracles.

22. Users of the Fitness Suite must wear tracksuits, leotards or other apparel designed for exercising. Swimwear must be worn when using the Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Room and is not permitted elsewhere in Coracles. No outdoor shoes shall be worn in the Pool Area. Gym shoes must be worn in the Fitness Suite.

23.No person may use the facilities whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Owner or Manager may at his/her discretion refuse access to facilities to any person who in his/her sole opinion is so influenced.

24. Whilst lockers are available, users of the facilities are advised not to leave money or valuables in the Leisure Club. No responsibility can be accepted for the loss of such items. Any items left on the premises will be kept for a period of one month, after which they will be disposed of.

25. The Owner or Manager accepts no liability for any illness or injury resulting from use of the Leisure Club’s facilities by any person. Equally the Owner accepts no liability for illness or injury from over-exertion, or aggravation of a medical condition caused by such use. All persons who use the Leisure Club facilities do so at their own risk. It is strongly recommended that patrons seek medical advice before undertaking any exercise.

26. The Owner or Manager reserves the right to terminate, without notice, the membership of any person without giving reason. It shall be at the sole discretion of the Owner whether or not all or part of the membership fees is refundable in such circumstances. The Owner or Manager shall further have the right, without declaring any reason therefore, to refuse entrance to any person or prevent such a person from using the Leisure or Country Club’s facilities.

27. The Owner or Manager reserves the right to withdraw all or any part of the Club’s facilities for any period(s) where the same are required for use by Cenarth Falls Holiday Park or its park clients or guests.



Coracles Health and Country Club will be closed over the Christmas and New Year periods.
Exact dates will be on display at reception